Mikes Drilling and Pump Service is a locally owned water well drilling, water well service, sprinkler installation, and sprinkler system service company. We can install new water wells and sprinkler systems or service your existing system. Whether you have multiple wells or sprinkler system on your property or just one, Mikes Drilling and Pump Service is the perfect choice for you. We offer high quality services at the lowest prices possible. New water wells are a perfect way to save money on your water bill or if you prefer well water over city water.

Water Well Pumps & Systems

When you turn the tap you set a series of actions in motion. To ensure adequate water pressure, well water is stored inside your building in a pressure tank. Normal water pressure is between 40 and 60 psi (pounds per square inch).

As water continues to run, the volume of water in the pressure tank drops, which also lowers the water pressure.

When the pressure drops below 40 psi a pressure switch activates the pumping system. The submersible pump pumps water into the pressure tank until normal pressure is reached and the pump automatically shuts off. A safety valve installed on the pressure tank is designed to release pressure should it exceed 75 psi. Click here to see a demonstration of this pump cycle process.

Pump Selection & Installation

Before Mikes Drilling recommends a pump, we factor in:

  • How much water will be needed at peak demand
  • The well’s yield potential in gallons per minute
  • Diameter of the well at the pumping level
  • Depth of ground water below the surface
  • Distance and elevation of the home above the well
  • Future needs, such as irrigation

Mikes Drilling provides well-to-faucet water systems by licensed, certified and experienced technicians. We guarantee the performance of the system and its components.

We believe that the best items to recommend to our customers are products that are time proven and are commonly available to the trade. Such as Franklin motors and control boxes, Square D pressure switches, and top pump brands.

How a pump works

Mikes Drilling installs complete water well systems. We use only high quality components – not the parts you can buy at your local discount retailer. The difference is that a pumping system installed by Mikes Drilling is dependable, fully guaranteed and installed by our professional installation and repair staff.

A submersible water pump is comprised of a series of small impellers, stacked horizontally on top of each other. When activated, the impellers rotate at approximately 3,450 RPM moving the well water up the drop line and into the pressure tank. Because the pump operates electrically, wires must run down into the well and be connected to the pump. All wiring connections are sealed to avoid voltage leaks and short circuits. Cable guards are installed above the pump to prevent wires from twisting and chafing during pump operation.